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  Hannity  FOX News  January 5, 2016 7:01pm-7:23pm PST

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>> we will make america great again. >> meanwhile, 2016 democratic front-runner hillary clinton took a shot at donald trump when she revealed her new year's resolution. take a look. >> i'm interested in your response to the donald's comment that you and president obama created isis. [ laughter ] >> i've adopted a new year's resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality, and i'm not going to respond. >> all right, here to respond is the man himself, 2016 republican presidential candidate, donald trump. mr. trump, good to see you. >> hello, sean. >> happy new year. all right. number one. >> you too, happy new year. >> how long do you think that new year's resolution is going to last? and how would you describe your reality versus hillary clinton's
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reality? >> well, her resolution may last for a long time. i don't think she wants to take me on. i know for a fact i'm the last person she wants to run against because i speak the truth. and what i said about isis is true. i mean, with her horrible policies and president obama's horrible policies essentially isis was formed and isis was created and now we have to knock the hell out of them and get rid of them. and we'll do that if the right person comes to office. it's not going to be done until then. so you know, she made that statement, and she -- look, i was mentioned nine times in their debate when they had their democrat debate. i will tell you that the nine times, every time, now all of a sudden she doesn't want to mention. they don't want to take me on. and a recent poll came out where i'm leading her head-to-head. i think i'm the only one that's going to beat her. and frankly, she should be easy to beat. i think we're going to beat her. and i think we're going to beat her soundly. i'll more focused on these other
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candidates, republican side that i'm running against. >> let me stay on hillary for just a second, then we'll talk about the primary that's ongoing. the whole issue -- hillary was very offended at words you used and you fought right back and you called her an enabler. you said she abused those women. i want you to expand into this because it seems to be every election campaign democrats always claim the republicans are racist and sexist and they even said that about mitt romney for having resumes of women that he wanted to hire. >> well, as you know, and it's been well documented, she went after the women very strongly and very viciously according to the women and according to other sources. major book's been written about it. and it's a book that's a very well respected book. it was not a pretty picture what she did. and also, as you know, he was impeached, the president was impeached and was lying and he was, you know, he was impeached for lawing.
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his law license was taken away from him. and lot of other things. he paid a massive fine. many hundreds of thousands of dollars. they paid i guess a fee to one of the women. so look, there's a whole thing. when she talks about me being sexist, i mean, she can't be speaking about that subject and i don't think she will be anymore. i would hope she doesn't. i would rather not speak about it also. but she can't bring it up. >> what about the clinton foundation? they've taken tons of money from countries like saudi arabia. i've googled and i've checked every where i can. i've not seen a lot of criticism by hillary of these countries that have atrocious human rights records, women's rights records, but the clinton foundation took a lot of money for that. should that be an issue in this campaign? >> well, it would really depend. i mean, i've given money to the clinton foundation. you know, i was a very, very, very big business person. and i get along with everybody including the clintons, and i've given money over the years to the clinton foundation, never asked for anything.
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i will say this, speeches were made by the president. i think he got like $8 million for speeches made with -- you know and paid for by people that were doing work with the state department when she was the head of the state department. it was just one of the papers that he was paid about $8 million for various groups and companies and they were doing business directly with the state department at that time. and paid very, very substantially. so these are real problems for them ultimately when it comes to the general election. maybe even now. but certainly when it comes to the general leakeelection, sean >> the question whether or not they were able to buy her silence with these donations as it relates to the atrocious human rights records. bill clinton is now out on the campaign trail campaigning for his wife. and he sort of side stepped a question as it relates to you. and i want to play it for you and get your response. >> donald trump said in the past
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you're fair game. i have to ask you, it is fair game? >> i never saw him at a loss for words like that, but what's your reaction? >> well, he doesn't want to get involved with the subject, and i understand that. he doesn't want to talk about it. he doesn't want to get involved. but this is why i'm going to win the election if i run against her. i think it was cnbc did a big report or study and a couple of them did where if i run against hillary, it's going to be the largest voter turnout in the history of our country. and many of those extra people, people that never voted before are going to be voting for trump. and you know, it's always been amazing to me that not that many people vote as a percentage of the people that can vote in our country where you look at other
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countries, they're much higher turnouts. they say this turnout, just like your debate, the fox debate was the biggest in the history of cable television like show. and cnn had a debate, you know, right after yours where 23 million people, you had 24 million people, they had 23, the largest show in the history of cnn. so i would think if i ran against hillary -- and i don't think they were there for the other people, by the way, because the debates used to get very poor ratings. not to brag or anything, but that's the way it is. if i ran against hillary, i think it would be the largest voter turnout, great thing for the country. the largest voter turnout. i think a lot of people that feel disenfranchised including democrats, by the way, will come out and vote for trump. and a lot of people are saying that. so it will be a very exciting period of time, that i can tell you. i think i will beat her pretty easily, i hope. >> let's go to the polls. you're winning by a pretty substantial margin nationally against your republican opponents.
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recent poll has you ahead in south carolina, nevada, you're winning in two polls in new hampshire. in iowa, where the caucus is about a month away, that's been a little tighter, where you're either tied with ted cruz, ted cruz has a lead on you in one poll. how important is iowa to you in terms of going forward and the strategy? how important is winning iowa to you? >> well, the politically correct answer, i should say, oh, well -- >> you don't think -- >> but i don't want to be politically correct. i want to win iowa. i have a great relationship with the people of iowa. i'm doing fantastically with evangelicals. i'm going there saturday, many, many times over the next two weeks. i know the people really well. they're incredible people. the relationship is amazing. the tea party people, the evangelicals of which i really feel, you know, that we have a very warm love with each other. a poll just came out today that i'm winning with evangelicals. and i think -- i hope to win
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iowa. now, you talk about the polls. but cnn did the big poll of iowa and it's 33-20 that i'm leading. so i don't know. you know, something could happen, but i would love to be able to win iowa, and the most recent poll tore big poll at least, which is the cnn poll, i'm leading by 13 points. i'd love to win iowa. i should say to you that, well, if i do well there, i'm very happy. but i'd really like to win it, to be honest with you. >> let me ask about some reports. i have comments by jeb bush, mike huckabee, chris christie, carly fiorina, marco rubio, john kasich all attacking you. pretty predictable, considering you're in the lead. on top of that you have a politico report saying top establishment players you may inflict lasting damage to the republican brand and they're planning to launch an anti-trump vehicle to pummel you. so in the closing days of this campaign leading into the iowa
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caucuses, obviously rhetoric is getting ratcheted up, a lot of money is being spent. tell us your strategy to combat that. >> well, look, there's a lot of people that this has never happened before. i don't want any money. i'm self-funding my own campaign. i'm putting up my own money. we're taking ads and putting a lot of money into them. i don't need people's money. the lobbyists don't want me because they want to give a lot of money so they can control the candidate. the special interests don't want me because they want to put up a lot of money and they are. you look at what's being put into hillary's coffers and jeb bush and marco and all of them, they're all getting all of this money from these special interest groups and the lobbyists and they're totally controlled, if they win they're totally 100% controlled and they're not working for the country, they're working for the person that gave them the money. so this has been happening, and i understand why people are not happy that i'm winning, because i'm not a part of the establishment. now interestingly, prior to june 16th when i announced i was running for president, i was a
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big part of the establishment. i gave $350,000 to the republican, rga, the republican governors association. i gave a lot of money to a lot of different people. i mean like -- and i'm talking about a lot of money. i did 350 for the governors but a lot more than that for other. i was like part of the establishment. now, since i ran, i'm sort of like not part of the establishment because they're sort of saying, gee, he's not supposed to do that. i'm doing that to straighten out the country. and i'm doing it to make america great again as per my team, make america great again. i understand how they feel, i'm not part of the establishment. >> i think they like your money. we'll take a break and come back with more with donald trump after the break. and coming up tonight -- >> contrary to claims of some presidential candidates apparently before this meeting, this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns.
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>> donald trump will weigh in on the president's anti-gun control measures. that's next. plus the house is getting ready to vote on a bill that will repeal obamacare, paul ryan is here to explain that and more in a "hannity" exclusive. and also, later tonight -- >> the u.s. ambassador at risk. >> you got to send us. >> you are not the first responders. >> you will wait. >> let's go! we got to roll. >> we have no jurisdiction. we're not even supposed to be here. >> stand down. >> tonight you'll meet the real life heroes behind the hollywood blockbuster about the terrorist attack in benghazi. that and more. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything.
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a moderate earthquake detected in north korea. it's not clear if the unusual seismic activity was caused by . according to the south korean weather agency, there are signs of an artificial quake near north korea's test site. if confirmed it would be the north's fourth nuclear test. the last one happened in 2013. evacuating two wounded soldiers and the body of a special ops soldier. they came under heavy fire by taliban fighters in the helmand province. a rescue helicopter was also brought to safety. flash flood warnings in ekt for several communities in southern california. the wet weather is part of several el nino-driven storms. crews are surveying damage to buildings caused by a microburst or small tornado. i'm jackie ibanez. back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." so earlier today the president
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laid out executive actions that he intends to push through his anti-gun agenda. take a look at what he said. >> contrary to the claims of what some gun rights proponents have suggested, this hasn't been the first step in some slippery slope to mass confiscation. contrary to claims of some presidential candidates apparently before this meeting, this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. so the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept this carnage. and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed and leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. >> now, we continue with 2016 republican presidential
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front-runner donald trump. the president gets very emotional today. for the fird time he talked about all the violence that's going on in chicago. this is a guy that didn't miss his tee time after james foley was decapitated, you may recall. you have been weighing in heavily. you would repeal these executive actions and you said to hillary, if guns don't keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards. what's your reaction to today and to hillary supporting the president? >> well, a few things. first of all, you talk about missing tee times. he went to hawaii in a very old 747 called air force one with engines that spew -- you know, he talks about the carbon footprint. he traveled all the way to hawaii in this massive plane with old engines that are not very environmentally sensitive, then came back a couple of weeks later and he talks about the footprint, the carbon footprint, so you know, that's one thing. as far as the executive order that he really is doing, number one, before you even get into the guns, i'm totally second
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amendment and we can't be messing with it. frankly if we had situations in california or on our military bases and even in paris if they had a couple of guns in the room you wouldn't have 130 people killed and many, many people very, very gravely injured and that includes california. you would have had a much different situation. but as far as the executive order, you're not supposed to be doing it with executive order. you're supposed to get the congress, get congress in, negotiate a deal. everybody raises their hand. they approved the deal. and you have something. he doesn't do that. he just signs executive orders all over the place. then he'll be sued on that, he'll be out on a golf course in about three years when it comes up and probably it won't be upheld. who knows what's going to happen? but in the meantime -- >> what's happening? >> what's happening is the government is being run much differently than what our founders had in mind. i mean, he's signing executive orders on things that -- this is the second amendment. this is a very important thing to people. and you're not supposed to just
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say we're making changes without having it go through a process of having other people agree with you. and through a negotiation. it's unbelievable what's happening. >> you're talking about co-equal branches of government, separation of powers. now the president himself said 25 times before he issued his immigration executive action that he didn't have the authority or the power to do it, but he did it anyway. the republicans didn't stop him. >> that's right. >> did that embolden him now to pretty much decide write laws on his own through executive action, violating the constitution and the rule of law? is that how you see it? >> the republicans did not stop them. he's getting away with murder. this recent budget situation which is basically gave obama every single thing he wanted having to do with the syrian refugees coming into our country, having to do with borders and weak borders and all of the things he wanted, he just got in this new budget. i've never seen a budget pass so fast. it looks like it got done in a
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day. and i'm just saying where is ryan and where are all these people to, you know, to do something, to negotiate or to do something? he got everything he wanted. we got nothing. i mean, we got nothing. and all we're doing is increasing our budget now, our deficit. you know, if you look, we're at $19 trillion. now we're going to be at about $21 trillion very soon. who is there to negotiate these budgets? i've never seen anything get passed so quickly, and the democrats got everything they wanted. >> let me ask you this. y you, in your ad, defended your positions about a temporary ban on people coming from muslim country. i'm assuming you're citing james clapper and james comey of their comments saying we can't vet the people coming in. you defended your position on immigration. but you said clinton and obama created isis. is that by pulling out too early before the job was done? is that what you meant by that comment? >> largely that was one of the
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reasons, that's one of the ways that isis happened. i mean, they all just got together. i was against the war in iraq and i've been against it from day one and a long time ago, 2004 i was against it. i have headlines that trump was against the war. people came from the white house to see me about it because i felt you were going to destabilize the middle east and i was right. but the way he pulled out was absolutely -- number one, he announced a date so that the enemy just withdrew, waited and then they go back in. isis was formed. and you could say very nicely that hillary clinton and barack obama gave us isis. now we're trying to get rid of isis. and they're finding it not so easy because they're not going about it in the right way. if you remember on your show three years ago i said take the oil. keep the oil. take it, keep it. give some of the money to all of these wonderful young people that were killed. give it to their families. give it to thend wou wounded wa, some of it and have plenty left
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over for other things. you heard me say that for three years. all of a sudden they start, they're not going to keep it, they're just bombing it. they're not going to keep it. they're not smart enough to keep it. >> can donald trump alter the electoral map? in other words, there was a recent study that after west virginia, the state that you're running the strongest, that it's new york that you have more support from reagan democrats in new york than any other place in the country. do you think if you got this nomination that you could flip a state like new york deeply blue to red? would that be possible? >> i do. i think i do very well in new york. i think i'm going to do fan taskcally in pennsylvania. i'm going to do fantasticcally in ohio, i'm going to win florida. >> new jersey? >> take a look at jeb bush. i think i'll win new jersey. you look at new jersey, i'm way at the top. and chris christie who is the governor, as you know, is not doing so well there. he's way, way behind. i think i'll win new jersey.
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but look at florida. i'm at 32. the sitting senator is at like 12 or 14. and jeb bush is at 4. >> yeah. >> and i'm a 32 in florida. i'm gooding to win florida. so i just think we're going to win a lot of states that nobody ever thought of winning. the republicans never think of these states in terms of winning. we're going to win a lot of states that the republicans frankly are not used to winning. we're going to have a great election, a very, very big and pleasant surprise to make our country great again. >> we need to get great again. that's for sure. good to see